BIEBER Industrie is your trusted industrial partner
for your projects completion:

If our know-how was to be summerized, it would be as : production capacities – an experise in every fabrication sector – flexibility – adaptability – skilled and trained staff – a decision efficiency – responsibility – self-sufficiency – active listening – improvements abilities.


BIEBER Industrie design office usually works on global plans provided by the client. It draws detailed plans for the project with two softwares : Solidworks 3D and Autocad 2D). Considering its expertise, BIEBER Industrie is often asked by its clients to work with their own teams on new products design or on improvements for old ones. The main goal is to make the product simpler while keeping the compliance with technical specifications. Many times, one or several prototypes are created before lanchingthe serie.

From unit products…

BIEBER Industrie creates unique pieces for specific projects. From idea to acomplished product : drawings, prototype, detailed plan, engineeringg study (static or dynamic structural calculation), manufacturing and adjustments for serie production.

… to serie

BIEBER Industrie often produces small series of products, a sector in which the campany has benn able to win the loyalty of numerous clients over the past fifteen years. The producing can be lauch once or several times. The quality, the constant exactness and the fabrication reliability relies on our expertise in products manufacturing , but also on the use of patterns, Demmeler worktables… The GPAO NAVISION, used for absolutely all of the serie launches, gathers the nomenclature and the detailed frabication range for each part and reference point. Productions data are updated according to actual observations for each production steps. BIEBER Industrie signed typical contracts with its main material providers, assuring the supplying security. Furthermore, supplies and material uses for production are computer-monitored, thus allowing a complete traceability of materials. BIEBER Industrie improves its expertise by keeping the history of every products, from design to delivery.