Machine assembly manufacturer for our client Trumpf

BIEBER Industrie converts 1, 500 metric tons of sheet metal a year into assemblies for our client’s TRUMPF machines. Our mutual history, the reliability, and the quality of our products made BIEBER Industrie a Prenium supplier of TRUMPF. Every year, BIEBER Industrie manufactures and delivers more than 200 welded frames for machines. Those frames complies with very harsh obligations, in terms of precision, welding quality and surface area.

BIEBER Industrie produces raw machine frames for TRUMPF machining facility in France.

Our advantage

  • Our long term relation
  • An industrial monitoring to suggest relevant modifications
  • The reliability of the products BIEBER industrie delivers
  • The ability to comply with both increasing and decreasing demands
  • The durability of the company

BIEBER Industrie is Premium provider, it is no mere coincidence