Manufacturer of the oven and parts of the line for industrial bakery

BIEBER Industrie has been a partner for more than 20 years of Mécatherm, leader in turnkey factory creation for industrial bakery. BIEBER Industrie produces :

  • Ovens
  • Modular Vertical System or MVS (frame, mechanical and electrical equipments)
  • Supply and convoying systems for the line

BIEBER Industrie has recently been asked to create a all new four-storeys oven. For this specific product, BIEBER Industrie implemented a no less specific production line. The oven is made of 1, 452 components, of which 790 are different from one another. Working on 3D plans provided by our client, BIEBER Industrie integrated the components in the manufacturing process.

BIEBER Industrie is also a main provider for steel and stainless steel upkeep parts.

Our advantages

  • The ability to rise to a challenge
  • The adjustment to a new product development
  • The liability and delivery guarantee

Mecatherm, more than 700 industrial bakery lines in more than 50 countries