Framafer wagon’s frame

BIEBER Industrie produces frames for Framafer’s tamping machine

BIEBER Industrie also produces oil tanks and hydraulic tanks, which capacities are between 300 L and 4, 000 L. These tanks are compartmentalised and connected. A dye penetrant inspection is scheduled in the scope statement.

Our advantages

  • Compliance with the client’s scope statement
  • Items sizes, Taille de pièces, inside handling and lifting capacity
  • Shot-blasting and painting workshop
  • Manufacturing of the wagon’s frame and equipments (balustrade, footboard, operations panel, floor, stall stand, …)

At BIEBER Industrie

At our client’s

Chassis Wagon Framafer chez Bieber

BIEBER Industrie has been delivering frames to Framafer since 2011. In total, about twenty frames have been produced.