BIEBER Industrie provides petroleum products distribution stations. According to your specifications, we are able to provide you either with a standerd product or with a custom made one. For instance, BIEBER Industrie created a compartmentalized distribution station with four compartments.

BIEBER Industrie can manage to produce 100 tanks a month, thanks to its modern production capacities.

Our advantages

  • BIEBER industrie works in compliance with NF-EN 12285-1 and NF-12285-2 standards
  • Configure your own tank on our website (home page)
  • We produce variable capacities, between 1, 500 L and 80, 000 L

At BIEBER Industrie

At our client’s

Réserve chez notre client

The BIEBER station can hoard or deliver diesel oil, fuel oil or off-road oil. To answer all of your specifications, we also develop options and accessories for our tanks.

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