BIEBER Industrie has been able to grow a 21,000 m2 industrial site, in Drulingen, Alsace France.

The reworking of the workshop, providing an adjustable workplace for soldering, assembly and finishing touches, allows the place to accomodate to every kind of fabrication.

The company owns cutting edge technology machinery, in order to benefit from its liability.

Numerous activities are, on one hand, internally developped, such as design, purchase, laser cutting, folding, soldering, painting, assembly, tests and shipment. On the other hand, Bieber Industrie maintains close connections with service providers for galvanization, flame cutting and surface finishing, who perform according to a BIEBER specifications, guaranteing the best quality.

Furthermore, an ambitious investment plan is deploying toward
  • the launch of a sawing and machining unit
  • the renewal of soldering facilities
  • the reinstatement of the old galvanization shop, extending the soldering