Bieber Industrie commercialises a whole range of storage tanks for water and liquid fertilizers.


Galvanized barrels, water storage for cattle watering

BIEBER Industrie produces a range of galvanized barrels (hot-dop galvanization after welding), which capacity is between 500 L and 8, 000 L. The stabilized level trough model created by BIEBER Industrie is a well appreciated equipment.


Cisterns for liquid fertilizers storage, 60, 000 L

BIEBER Industrie produces a wide range of fertilizers storage oriented tanks. Their capacity varies between 20, 000 L and 70, 000 L. The industrial tool and the expertise of BIEBER industrie allows us to answer your most peculiar requests.


Wildfire water stocks, 120, 000 L

BIEBER Industrie produces tanks which are used as water storage units in case of fire and which capacity depends on the specifications expressed by the local wildfire office. The advantages of the BIEBER wildfire tanks : no floor occupation at all after installation, no visual pollution, easy to implement, absolute security, no maintenance, long lifespan, no evaporation, no material pollution (leaves, branches, seaweed).