canal de l’Ourcq

Balustrades, footbridge of the Ourcq canal

Architectural assimilation

As the architect produces a masterpiece, BIEBER Industrie is proudly a part of the fransformation from drawings to object. To work a material gives kind of a dignity to the sheet metal worker, as he produces both an artistic and industrial product.

A reactivity adapted to the construction site reality

Public workers have to manage hasards every day. BIEBER Industrie, thanks to its historical clients, adapted its industrial process to satisfy completely these intangibles.

The ability to create prototypes on a client’s demand

BIEBER Industrie uses its well-know expertise in metal fabrication to create protoypes, combining architectural design, finishing quality and technical quality. The creation of a protoype make it possible to recreate the construction site conditions in the workshop.

A strong will to develop in public works business

The leaders of BIEBER Industrie aim at an expansion in public works business, because of the development opportunities and the existing know-how at BIEBER Industrie.