four à 4 étages

This oven is made of 1, 450 pieces, of which 800 are different from one another, and has been entirely put together in our workshop.

Small sets

BIEBER Industrie maintains its status in sheet metal fabrication by producing small sets of an original unique piece or a prototype.

From a few grams to 30 tons, from 100 mm to 18, 000 mm

Our machines, our know-how and our clients demands bring us to create light and small pieces, or very large structures.

Quality, a standard

Quality at BIEBER Industrie is ensured by the qualifications and involvement of the staff, along with weel-tried processes and equipments adapted to the technical specifications of the pieces we realise.

Innovation, the way we answer our clients

When working on new projects, our clients request that we improve their product or prototype. BIEBER Industrie juggles the use of the product, the compliance with standards and the environment of the product to suggest relevant solutions.