The part produced by BIEBER Industrie is an essential component for our client’s product to operate efficiently.

The significance of innovation

Our clients are constantly innovating, that’s why we provide them with practical solutions to make sure their inovations become real. We are proud to be a part of their reflexion.

A unique product, with an international vocation

Although we usually produce only a component of the actual structure, we dedicate ourselves to reach the quality, reliability and durability specifications.

Progressive made to measure is possible

To increase the performance of a product often means to alter the product. Therefore, at BIEBER industrie, we keep every every version of the product, of the processes we used and the plans.

A strong will to develop in environment business

The leaders of BIEBER Industrie are willing to work more in environment business because of the development possibilities, but also because they want to contribute helping the environment, by being a technical link for that.