structure du stade traversant le village alsacien

Metal frame of the Le Mans stadium (France)

Prestigious references

BIEBER Industrie created metal frames for the Millau viaduct (France), the Le Mans stadium (France) and for very large stages.

Expertise in welded fabricated sections (PRS)

BIEBER Industrie has developed high level expertise in PRS, which presents several advantages : the lightness of the frame, the possible complexity of the frame, the compliance with a daring architectural design. BIEBER Industrie produces pieces that reach a 16, 000 mm length.

A feedback about prototypes

BIEBER Industrie shows its know-how when producing prototypes (materials behavior, welding, distortion, manufacturing process). Once the prototype approved, BIEBER Industrie produces and deliver the serie(s) while respecting the relevant fabrication process for each and every piece.

A strong will to develop in metal construction business

The leaders of BIEBER Industrie aim at an expansion in metal construction business, because of the development opportunities and the existing know-how at BIEBER Industrie.