The name BIEBER is a reference in the farming world. In 1952, Henri BIEBER was already exhibiting at the international trade show of Strasbourg. In those days, the company was selling farming equipments : drinking troughs, water tanks, steam cooker, bakery oven, agrarian trailer …
The world of agriculture has drastically changed since those times. Today’s products are way bigger, considering the increase of farming areas on one hand, and the mechanical improvements on the other hand. In this business, suppliers as BIEBER had specialize themselves. BIEBER Industrie remained loyal to galvanized products, durability token.

Choosing zinc-coated metal Galvazinc Association trusts zinc-coated metals to resist urban air for 120 years. Galvanization is covering a metal with zinc, in order to protect it from corrosion. Zinc, an slow anode, is being oxydized instead of the steel its protects, 25 times slower than steel would.
For BIEBER Industrie products, the zinc-coating process is the hot-dip galvanization, which basically means that steel is immersed into molten zinc at 450° C, thus binding steel and zinc. In this way, he surface of the piece is covered with layers of zinc-iron layers.
BIEBER Industrie has had more than 1, 000 clients for its farming equipments over the years.

The agricultural range combines :
  • Zinc-coated troughs and accessories
  • Zinc-coated on-board or standing water tanks
  • Petroleum products storage tank
  • Petroleum products ditribution station
Our advantages
  • 100% products manufactured in our facilities, evidence of quality and delivery capacities
  • Our own design office to answers all of your specifications, wether they are about size, accessories or feasibility
  • A domestic technological surveillance, in order to adapt to evolutions in use, shape, handling, capacity and ergonomics